Bay Breeze Recipe With Rum

How To Make It Step By Step

Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe

Making this drink is extremely simple. Just add equal parts of Malibu liquor, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice cocktail into each serving glass or into a large pitcher. Stir and serve with ice.

How to layer the drink :

  • Pour the Malibu liquor into the glass.
  • Pour the pineapple juice on the back of a teaspoon, slowly and in a thin stream.
  • Next pour the cranberry juice the same way.
  • Dont stir! Carefully add a couple of ice cubes to the drink. Its ready!

    You can garnish the drink with pineapple wedges. Maraschino cherries would also be a lovely addition.

    Your Favorite Summer Sips

    Some of my favorite summertime indulgences are citrusy rum cocktails and this tangy concoction checks all the boxes! You and your friends will fall in love with this refreshingly sweet Pineapple Bay Breeze cocktail.If you love fruity cocktails youll go crazy for this Sparkling Paloma Punch and this classic Sex on the Beach.

    How To Make It

    As always, get the full printable directions in the recipe card below!

    This is a super easy cocktail to make! No special equipment, no citrus juicers, no unusual ingredients. Its very straight-forward.

    Grab a glass and fill it almost to the top with ice. Add cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and vodka.

    Stir to combine, and serve with desired garnishes.

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    How To Make A Tropical Bay Breeze Cocktail

    By: Author Tammy TropRockin

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    This Tropical Bay Breeze recipe is a delightfully fresh cocktail made with coconut rum and pineapple juice mixed with sweet cranberry juice and Grenadine. Its a cool summer drink with all the fruity flavors of a tropical paradise.

    This Tropical Bay Breeze recipe is a popular drink served on tropical islands. Its a cool summer cocktail thats easy to make as a single drink or by the pitcher for a crowd. Plus, its an on the rocks style drink, so no need to mess with a blender, yet you still get the tastes of a fruity tropical drink.

    On a trip to Ambergris Caye , I ordered this tasty rum drink for the first time. It turned out to be the perfect compliment to my view overlooking the beach and vibrant blue-green tropical waters.

    When I inquired about the recipe, it was a bit of a secret, as my waitress didnt want to give me the exact details. Not sure why, as I soon found out its a common drink served in just about every island bar. It was just new to me!

    After mixing a few of my own back home, Im pretty sure this is the not-so-secret recipe I tasted at that beach bar. And every sip takes me right back to that gorgeous view overlooking the beach.

    No time to make a Tropical Bay Breeze right now? Save it for later and Pin it!

    Other Recipes To Serve With A Pineapple Bay Breeze

    • The Best Fruit Salad This fruit salad is the perfect mix of sweet and tangy fresh fruit and is great for munching on warm sunny days.
    • Watermelon Fruit Salsa This sweet and refreshing watermelon salsa is cool, crisp, and delicious!
    • Berry Cheesecake Fruit Salad You cant go wrong with this creamy fresh fruit and cheesecake dessert.

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    Is A Tropical Bay Breeze The Same As A Malibu Bay Breeze

    The Tropical Bay Breeze drink is very similar to a Malibu Bay Breeze, but it has a slightly fruitier flavor and its a tad sweeter. And a Malibu Bay Breeze drink can officially only be made with the brand name Malibu Coconut Rum.

    The fruitier flavor comes from an extra ounce of pineapple juice in the recipe. Coconut rum and pineapple juice are wonderful complimentary flavors and I like the extra pineapple taste of the Tropical Bay Breeze drink.

    The added splash of Grenadine is the secret ingredient that punches up the sweet taste just a little and changes the look into this glorious red color.

    What’s The Difference Between A Bay Breeze And A Sea Breeze

    The bay breeze is part of a family of fruity vodka drinks that are closely related. They’re made in the same way, and getting a new drink is simply a matter of swapping out one of the juices. While the bay breeze uses pineapple, the sea breeze mixes grapefruit juice with the cranberry. Switch to a combination of orange and cranberry juices, and you have a madras.

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    Frozen Malibu Bay Breeze

    The original Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail was invented in the eighties and is one of the best-known tropical cocktails. But if you want to beat the heat, you should try the Frozen Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail. It is a low ABV slushy cocktail that not only looks good but tastes great as well. This Frozen Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail is the ideal cocktail to enjoy on the beach.

    How To Make A Layered Drinks With The Malibu Bay Breeze Recipe

    Bay Breeze

    The layers of your drink depend entirely on the sugar content of your pineapple juice and cranberry juice. The juice with the MOST sugar goes in the bottom of the glass. In my case, I always buy a lower-sugar cranberry juice. The lighter the sugar content, the lighter it is and, therefore, will float better at the top of the glass.

    The trick is to pour the top juice slowly. If you pour it too fast, the colors will mix immediately . To create the perfect-looking Malibu Bay Breeze, slowly pour the cranberry juice over the back of a spoon. This beautifully creates layers based on the slow, evenly distributed pour, based on sugar content. Serve with lots of ice and a slice of lime. ENJOY!!!

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    How To Make A Pineapple Bay Breeze

    STEP ONE: Pour the pineapple rum, cranberry juice, orange juice, and a squeeze of lime juice into a cocktail over ice. Cover and shake vigorously until the shaker feels cold.

    STEP TWO: Strain into a glass with crushed ice and/or frozen pineapple chunks to chill the drink. Or skip the ice since the cocktail got cold in the shaker. Garnish your glass with a slice of pineapple and lime.

    Can This Be Made Into A Big Batch Drink

    Yes, you can make this drink to serve in a pitcher or larger batch for parties. Use one part rum to two parts pineapple juice and cranberry juice. Start with 1 cup rum, 2 cups pineapple and 2 cups cranberry juice for a pitcher.

    You can adjust the rum according to how strong you would like the drink.

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    What Is Grenadine And How Does It Taste

    As mentioned above, Grenadine is an added ingredient that helps set the Tropical Bay Breeze drink apart from the Malibu Bay Breeze cocktail. In the United States, Grenadine syrup is readily available and super cheap to buy. Its a very popular ingredient in tropical cocktails and it turns out were basically buying red colored sugar water. Not necessarily a bad thing.

    Authentic Grenadine is more tart and made from pomegranate fruit juice. The taste is quite different than the typical Grenadine syrup we bring home from the store.

    Authentic Grenadine syrups versus the popular brands we find in the stores is quite different, but people enjoy the store bought brands because the added sugar is simply more appealing to most peoples taste buds.

    Making homemade or using authentic Grenadine syrup is best for serious mixologists or a special occasion that calls for an authentically made cocktail. Otherwise, simply enjoy the more common sweet flavor and bright color of the store brands, which is exactly what I used in this recipe.

    Heres how to make a Tropical Bay Breeze drink for a fresh, sweet and tastes like the islands cocktail. You can use the print button below if you want to print out this recipe. Give it a try!

    Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe

    Bay Breeze (Rum version)

    Rebecca & nbsp|

    Malibu Bay Breeze is a fruity, layered cocktail bursting with the best tropical flavors! Just one sip of this refreshing drink of coconut rum, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice will have you wishing you were on island time!

    Colorful, boozy beach drinks are so fun to enjoy whether youre soaking up rays on a tropical island or just recreating it at home with friends! My Fish Bowl Drink and Rum Punchare both must-make drinks that also have bright splashes of color and flavor!

    This Malibu Bay Breeze combines two popular island flavors of pineapple and coconut to really bring out the vacation vibes! All that will be missing is the sand under your feet and the ocean breeze combing through your hair!

    What I love about this tasty cocktail is how easy and fun it is to whip up! With just one kind of liquor, a couple of juices, and garnishes it makes a great drink for beginner bartenders!

    Although if you do have more experience behind the bar, this isnt a drink to skip over! After just one glass youll find yourself making another, and another until it becomes your new quick, go-to cocktail! I promise youre really going to love the vibrant cranberry and pineapple mixed with coconut flavor!

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    What Does A Bay Breeze Cocktail Taste Like

    The bay breeze cocktail is slightly sweet and a tad bit tart. It has the flavors of coconut, cranberry, and pineapple!

    Do you love a recipe you tried? Please leave a 5-star rating in the recipe card below and/or a review in the comments section further down the page. Stay in touch with me through social media @ , , , or ! Don’t forget to tag me when you try one of my recipes!

    How To Make The Layers In A Malibu Bay Breeze

    How to make layered cocktails? Its all based on density. The denser liquids float to the bottom, and the less dense liquids float to the top.

    • Make sure to use unsweetened cranberry juice here. The sugar affects the density! The order you float the liquids matters.
    • Add the pineapple and coconut rum to a glass and stir. These will stay on the bottom.
    • Top with the unsweetened cranberry juice, which will float on top! If youd like, stir gently to get a bit of a swirl effect.

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    More About Malibu Coconut Rum

    The Malibu Bay Breeze is most often made with Malibu Coconut Rum, the most common type of coconut rum on the market. The coconut is essential to the tropical flavor. Heres what to know about Malibu:

    • Malibu coconut rum is actually a coconut-flavored liqueur made with rum. Malibu has lots of added sugar and a low alcohol level: its only 21% ABV. In contrast, rum has no sugar and a 40% ABV.
    • Malibu coconut rum was launched in 1982 as a way for bartenders to simplify making the Piña Colada. Its the most popular brand on the market, but there are others like Bacardi, Capitan Morgan, and so forth.
    • What other drinks can you make with Malibu? Try more Malibu drinks: the icy Bahama Mama or the Malibu Sunset, another layered drink with grenadine!

    What Liquor Is In Bay Breeze

    How to Make a Bay Breeze | Bay Breeze Cocktail |

    The most common types of liquor in a Bay Breeze cocktail is either vodka, light rum, or coconut rum.

    Vodka is going to give you the least amount of additional taste and will result in the milder tasting cocktail.

    Light rum will give you that rum flavor but it wont be as tropical and coconut rum.

    Coconut rum will give you the most tropical experience. This is our favorite option when we want to be mentally transported to a beautiful beach.

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    Use 100% Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

    In our cranberry cocktails, we prefer using 100% unsweetened cranberry juice. Make sure to look for this when youre shopping! Heres a little more about how to find it and why its great in a Malibu Bay Breeze:

    • Avoid sweetened cranberry juice, aka cranberry juice cocktail. This is what was used in cranberry cocktails of the past, but its got lots of added sugar. These days you can find bottes marked with 100% juice or unsweetened cranberry juice.
    • Unsweetened juice makes a balanced drink. Malibu Coconut Rum has a lot of added sugar, and pineapple juice is very sweet. So using unsweetened juice makes a great balance.
    • It also affects the layers in the drink. Keep reading for why!

    Can I Use Cranberry Cocktail Juice For This Recipe

    For this recipe, I used 100% cranberry juice to help balance the sweetness out. If you prefer a slightly sweeter drink go ahead and use cranberry cocktail juice!

    Who says you can only enjoy fun, fruity drinks while on vacation? Keep another exciting, fruity rum drink in your hand to channel the sunshine even on the coldest of winter days!

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    How To Make A Malibu Bay Breeze

    This three ingredient cocktail is super easy to make for yourself or for a crowd. Make just one drink or make a pitcher to share with friends.

    • Add ice to a tall glass.
    • Pour in equal parts Malibu Rum, pineapple juice and cranberry juice.
    • Add a pineapple wedge for garnish and enjoy!
    • Or for a crowd, combine equal parts Malibu and the juices in a large pitcher and stir. Chill until ready to serve, up to 24 hours in advance.

    Variations On The Malibu Bay Breeze

    Malibu Breeze Drink : Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail

    There are lots of variations on the Malibu Bay Breeze, and a few other tropical cocktails and beach drinks that use similar ingredients! Here are a few more to try:

    • Try the famous Sea Breeze with vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juice
    • Opt for a straight-up Bay Breeze with vodka, cranberry and pineapple
    • Go for a Madras with cranberry, orange, and vodka
    • Mix coconut rum with pineapple juice for a Malibu and Pineapple

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    Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail

    The bay breeze cocktail is a simple mixed drink containing either vodka or rum, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. I love to use Malibu rum for my bay breeze because it adds the tropical coconut flavor!

    Not only is this cocktail tasty and refreshing, but its easy to make! It only uses 3 ingredients!

    Tropical Bay Breeze Cocktail

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    I love refreshing cocktails like mojitos and perfect aperol spritz and of course this bay breeze cocktail! Not only is it easy to make, its deliciously refreshing and not too sweet! A taste of the tropics, this one makes me wish I was on vacation!

    We love the coconut Malibu rum in this drink but you can certainly try out some other rum flavors too .

    This pretty drink can be made by mixing the ingredients together or it can be layered! The key to layering a drink recipe is to check the sugar content on each ingredient you are adding. The higher the sugar content, the heavier it is!

    To create a layered drink, start by filling your glass with ice. You will want very slowly pour each ingredient directly onto an ice cube. Start with the highest sugar content on the bottom, to the lowest sugar content on the top . If your cranberry juice and pineapple juice are close in sugar content, you can also use light cranberry juice.

    Items Youll Need For This Recipe

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    How To Make A Bay Breeze

    Its very easy to make and very easy to remember. Just think two, two, two. I found that equal parts of each juice and liquor is the best balance of flavors and you dont feel like its just another glass of juice.

    Fill a highball glass with crushed ice and pour in 2 oz. of cranberry juice, 2 oz. of pineapple juice, and 2 oz. of vodka or rum. Use a spoon to stir the cocktail and garnish it with a lime wedge. Sit back and enjoy!

    Ingredients In A Malibu Bay Breeze Drink

    Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe

    For best results, you want to use good quality ingredients and chill them beforehand.

    • Malibu Rum a sweet, coconut flavored rum. Any brand can be used.
    • Pineapple juice any brand is fine.
    • Cranberry juice The brand you choose will determine the sweetness of the drink. A cranberry juice cocktail is very sweet, while the 100% juice variety is not as sweet and will create a more balanced cocktail.

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    What You Need

    • Cranberry Juice Use 100% cranberry juice, not cranberry juice cocktail which is sweeter.
    • Pineapple Juice Canned juice is fine.
    • Vodka Since youre mixing it, you can choose a midrange vodka. Titos is great for this.
    • Lots of Ice Crushed or cubed both work. Keep in mind if you use crushed, it will melt faster.
    • Lime slice, maraschino cherry, and cranberries for garnish

    How To Serve

    To make your cocktails a little fancier, add a slice of pineapple or a skewer of cranberries to the glass. A fancy little umbrella will for sure make your guests feel like theyre in the tropics. A wedge of lime is a classic look, too.

    Its important to note that this drink is best served chilled. So make sure you have enough ice.

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