Barqs Root Beer Float Pops

Where You Can Buy Them

Barq’s Frozen Root Beer & Vanilla Ice Cream Float | Taste Test & Review

If you’re looking to stock up like we are, you can pick up a 24-pack of frozen pops at your local grocery store. We’ve heard rumors about the pops being at Publix, Jewel-Osco, Price Rite and ShopRite. You can also pick up the pops online through Instacart.

In case you were curious, root beer floats can be transformed into all kinds of good stuff. This is what happens when you turn a root beer float into fudge. Here’s our best root beer float cake. We promise you’ll like both of ’em!

Excellent For Sharing With Others

Some of these selections contain a vast quantity, making them perfect for sharing with family and friends. Also, these large boxes can be ideal for resale at concession stands or convenience stores. They can also be great for restocking vending machines with delectable desserts. Many foodservice businesses enjoy these huge boxes because it helps them keep a sizable inventory. Schools, office break rooms and daycares may find these satisfactory as well. A few of these options wrap each piece of ice cream in plastic, which makes them easy to pack in a bag. This enables you to enjoy ice cream dessert while you’re at the park, at the beach or on a picnic.

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Barq’s Is Seriously Turning Up The Volume On How We Enjoy A Summer Treat

As delicious as a root beer float is, it’s also very messy. No matter how to do it there is almost always overflow. Then you’re stuck with a sticky mess on your hands With the root beer float tube, cleanup is a breeze all you have to do is throw it in the trash when you’re finished. These will be perfect for days at the pool, or summer birthday parties. Each tube contains a perfectly balanced amount of vanilla ice cream swirled with frozen root beer. So you’re getting a little bit of both in every bite.

Portable snacks are the best for summer. You can just throw these in your cooler and they will be there whenever you’re ready to grab one And since it’s in a tube, you don’t have to worry about buying a bunch of supplies to make floats. All you have to do it go pick up and box. Because as delicious a root beer float can be, we tend to avoid them because they’re kind of involved.

And with the summer heat, it’s definitely not something you’re going to outside. Imagine the kind of bugs and other mess they’d attract. Convenience and portability are the biggest selling point here.

You can get the Barq’s root beer floats at your local grocery store. And it is also available through popular grocery delivery app Instacart. Excuse us while we go buy 10 boxes. That should be enough for summer right?

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Why Barq’s Root Beer Float Ice Pops At Aldi Have The Internet Buzzing

What did we ever do before Aldi graced us with the experience of grocery shopping through their aisles? With low prices, unique food options, amusingly random aisle of miscellaneous items, and more, Aldi is a pretty great option for your weekly grocery trip. But there’s one feature of Aldi, in particular, that has garnered an impressive number of fans, even resulting in various specifically dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends. That’s right it’s Aldi’s dessert options.

These fairly priced, delicious sweets have collected something of a cult following, with some of the most popular options being their Belmont New York Cheesecake, Benton’s Cookies, Baker’s Corner Funnel Cake Mix, Reese’s Pieces Cookies, and Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffles, to name a few .

Now, just in time for summer, there’s a new Aldi cult classic in the making and people are already obsessed.

A Portable Snack Options For Root Beer Float Lovers

Barqs Root Beer Float Popsicles Where To Buy

Barq’s Frozen Root Beer & Vanilla Ice Cream Float push pops are the latest sweet sensations at Aldi, and fans can’t get enough of these frozen treats. There’s something about a root beer float that sounds good for any occasion, but on a hot summer day, the classic root beer float flavor in the form of a cold ice cream pop sounds even better. What’s so great about these root beer float ice pops is that they’re super portable and easy to grab and go, whatever you’re doing.

But what’s even cooler about this snack is that it’s not an off-brand option, as Aldi is known to do it’s the classic, well-loved Barq’s root beer brand that’s been around since 1898 .

Unsurprisingly, social media is totally buzzing over this new frozen treat. One user tweeted, “I brought in Barq’s root beer float ice cream push pops for the warehouse today. I hope it cheers up my co-workers during all this mandatory overtime.”

An Instagram user with an account called “Aldi Made Me Do It” shared a post highlighting Barq’s new treat at Aldi, writing that they just about “fainted” when they saw them in the aisles.

Another Instagrammer echoed the sentiment, saying that they found the pops to be “delicious” and “refreshing.”

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Each Pop Is Equal Parts Frozen Root Beer And Vanilla Ice Cream

The tubes are split and the root beer is basically frozen, so you can get all of the taste of a root beer float without having it be all mushy and disgusting with melted ice cream.

Yeah, I said it. That’s a legitimate problem with root beer floats. Are there bigger problems we need to be worrying about at this moment? Probably. Are you going to convince me that the Barq’s Root Beer Float Popsicle Pack doesn’t deserve a full on Nobel Prize in science? Nope.

Barq’s Root Beer Float Pops Make Us Feel Like Kids Again

The dog days of summer stir up the nostalgia for an ice cream parlor favorite: the root beer float. No need to travel to one of Americas best soda fountains, though. You can enjoy a frosty, frozen take on the classic mash-up without the hassle thanks to Barqs Root Beer Float Pops.

Since 1898 Barqs Root Beer has had a simple slogan: Drink Barqs. Its Good. You can say the same about the frozen floats, tootheyre good!

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The Perfect Aldi Treat For Hot Weather

The post has attracted far more than just likes. A ton of positive comments have flooded the post, and range from “I remember the post about these from last year, it made me want to try them but I never did lol my husband and son absolutely love root beer I’ll have to look for them this time!” all the way to “They had these last year I’m glad to see them back they sold so fast.” Others barely missed the mark, chiming in with, “Those look delish. I was just there today but didn’t go aisle by aisle. I zoomed right to the coconut wine, which was pretty much it. I’ll look next time. TY”.

If you need a frosty treat that serves up the iconic taste of Barq’s root beer and can cool you down after a fun day in the sun, you need to get your hands on these frozen desserts while you can. Just make sure to grab some soon. With this much attention, you know these products won’t stay on shelves long and you don’t want to miss the signature flavors locked away in each frozen float.

How Is A Root Beer Float Pop Even Possible

We Tried Barq’s Root Beer Ice Cream Float

Skip the frosted glass mugs, root beer and tubs of ice cream needed to make a classic root beer float. Each individually packaged pop features a perfectly proportioned mix of frozen Barqs root beer and vanilla ice cream in a convenient grab-and-go tube. The slushy frozen soda swirled together with creamy vanilla ice cream is hard to resist. The best partbesides the satisfying taste, of courseis that each pop is less than 100 calories. Count us in!

In case you were curious, root beer floats can be transformed into all kinds of good stuff. This is what happens when you turn a root beer float into fudge. Heres our best root beer float cake. We promise youll like both of em!

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Can You Make Recipes With Sam’s Club Ice Cream & Desserts

Although most of these ice cream desserts taste fantastic by themselves, you can pair them with other foods to create yummy recipes, too. For example, many customers enjoy eating these delicious desserts with other snacks like cookies, pies, cakes and brownies. Mix these desserts with different ingredients like brown sugar, honey or chocolate sauce because it can enhance the flavor. Other fans like to spread frozen ice cream between two chocolate candy bars to create an appetizing ice cream sandwich. Pouring one of these into a blender can help you make tasty smoothies, slushies and beverages that countless people enjoy. Also, eating ice cream dessert after chowing down on an entree can be fulfilling and satisfying.


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